Monday, 21 October 2013

Google data scraping for SEO

Whether you agree or not, search engine optimization (SEO) has come a long way since its origination that had revolutionized internet search methods. SEO - a lot depends on planning and strategizing according to the historical data available. Competitor analysis is a significant part of SEO that helps the analyst in determining what is and what not is working for their competitor and how to fine tune his own approach towards it. Google data scraping or data scraping is about extracting data from web pages, i.e. HTML and XML files in identifying the key components that would influence site performance. Data scraping works on extracting information like keyword, Meta tags, titles, content classifications and ad copies of competitors.

Data extraction has been made possible with sophisticated scraping tools that can perform expert task in extracting information from different websites and web platforms. Data scraping helps with comparing your site’s performance against your competitors across web platforms and therefore, is crucial for SEO analysis. To be honest, the need to rank high in search results is imperative for your website to receive organic traffic and hence, rank monitoring is an important determinant of your website performance.

The type of data scraping tool you need, Google Maps Scraper, Amazon Screen Scraping or LinkedIn Extractor, would be determined by your inherent requirements but you can’t ignore its requirement in extracting valuable information that would help improving website performance to put your venture on the right path of growth.

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